Major Characters

Guy Montag: A 10-year fireman veteran. He loves his job, and had never questioned his way of life until he met Clarisse. Then, he started to read the books he used to burn and started questioning the world.  He had to burn all of the books in his house as well as everything else. He then murdered Captain Beatty, with the same flamethrower. He was forced to run to the tracks and hide out there until the heat was off. He met some intellectual hobos there and joined there cause. That is where they had stayed until the city was bombed.
Faber: A cowardice old man who used to be an English professor until all of the books were destroyed. He said that he could have done something but did not. He also created a microscopic two way communicator that Montag wears and he hears what Montag hears. He then became very brave  and helped Montag to escape to the tracks. Faber was on his way to St.Louis to see his friend, when the bomb blew up the city. He proved to everyone that  he was not just a coward but someone that is willing to help.
Clarisse McClellan: A seventeen year old girl who talks too much and thinks too much. She is considered anti-social even though she talks a lot. But, causes Montag to rethink his whole way of life. Even when she had died she still was in the mind of Montag. In a way she helped to guide and to help him think. We do not know if she lived or died.

Minor Characters

Captain Beatty: He is Guy Montag's boss,the fire chief. Figures out that Montag has a book and pressures him to give it back. He has read books himself and says that they mean nothing. He really pressures Montag and makes Montag have mixed feelings about everything. The way he did this had lead Montag to murder him with a blast of flame.
Mildred Montag: Guy Montag's wife. Only cares about the 'family' in the parlor. Also, she overdosed on pills and had to be pumped for drugs. She thinks that she is mistreated even though she lives very comfortably. She thinks that she should only live by the rules and is very afraid of the books. She was the one who sent in the message about Montag's books. She then ran off and was never heard form her again. We do not know the whereabouts of her when bomb blew up. Even so in the book Montag had a feeling that she was in a hotel when the bombs where dropped on died in that hotel.
Mechanical Hound: The firehouse 'dog' who seems to attack Montag. And is a killing machine that is used to chase criminals. Montag in the end killed the hound with a flamethrower. There are many other hounds and the other fire stations brought those out to try and catch Montag when he ran.