page 10

"Happy! Of all the nonsense."

-Montag says he is happy but deep inside he is not happy at all.
page 24

"The Mechanical Hound slept but it did not sleep, lived but did not live in its gently humming, gently vibrating softly illuminated kennel back in the dark corner of the firehouse."

-The hound is not aware of what is happening but he is not sleeping.
page 36

"They took him screaming off to the asylum"
"He wasn't insane."

-The man was taking to the asylum, but he did not need to because he was not crazy.

Animal & Nature Imagery

Religion (Christian)

This book is related to the Bible, because at first people persecute Christians, but later on they persecute the Christians and burn their bibles. One of the great persecutions was the case under the Emperor Diocletian in the 3rd century AD who did not attack Christianity eliminating teachers and leaders but he took their writings, the Bible, away from them. Diocletian issued four edicts were promulgated, the purpose was that nobody should die. Although none of the edicts show that they killed Christians. The first dictum was: “it was prohibit every class of meeting religious purpose. The churches had to be demolished, burned all copies of the bible and in judicial torture were to be used against Christians in any category or range.” The Second dictum was: “It Contains measures crueler than the above, it was determined to imprison the leaders of churches.” The third dictum was: “prisoners who want to get out of jail had to offer sacrifices to the gods and who refused was to be tortured.” The fourth dictum was: “Order that as an act of submission to the state, men, women and children should go to pagan temples, to offer sacrifices to the gods.” In the year 305 their goal was to exterminate the Christians. This is all similar to the book because the firemen will burn the books and the people will be punished. In the book a woman prefered to die with the books because she beileve the books that she had. In the early Christian Church, the Roman emperors harshly persecuted Christians. Who were beheaded or thrown to the beasts of the circus, but before they knelt and prayed, thanking God for dying on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ is very similar what the woman did. 
    The Bible tells us that Saul that got his name change to Paul later on. He persecuted and chases Christians because of what they believe from the Bible. Besides he got the authority to do so too. This is the same with the book because the firemen had the authority to burn any books that they found in peoples homes.
    The vision that Bradbury is really impressive like a prophecy: "TV screens and walls occupying interactive exhibit brochures; avenues where the cars run at 150 kilometers per hour chasing pedestrians, a population that does not listen nothing but a stream of insipid music and news transmitted by a tiny earphones inserted into the ears." This is similar of what's going on; People prefer to surf the internet , entertainment on television, watch movies rather than reading a good book, or read the Bible. The Bible in Hosea 4:6 says "My people will be dstroyed because they have no knowledge..." Is talking about how they didn't have knowledge they were easily controlled with the technology and false ideas.