Censorship is blocking what the people in power dont want. Censorship is in the book when they couldnt find montag so they used a regular person to cover up. The  fact that books where forbinded is the government censoring our ability to learn.They took the peoples knowledge in the book because the people wanted to be happy       
but they truly wasn't. So since all there knowledge is gone and is censored they are all missing that important aspect  that they need to happy.

Knowledge vs. Ignorance

Knowledge is said to be power. Ignorance is said to be blissy.  In the book they took away the knowledge by takeing away books to make people ignorant. People didnt how helpful knowledge was. No knew the purpose of knowledge and did what they wanted to do witch made them ignorant. Everyone in the book are scared of knowledge except the truly smart people.Those last few standing people are being hunted by firefighters to be burned so no soul gets the knowledge.