The Hearth and the Salamander

Guy Montag is a fireman who creates fires rather than stopping them. He wears a
beetle-colored helmet with the numbers 451 labled on it. The fires are burned
with books found in peoples homes. On his way home one night, he meets a strange
seventeen year old girl named Clarisse. After making his way home he sees that
his wife, Mildred, has taken a whole bottle of sleeping pills. Later after
calling the hospital two operators show up with a machine that was used to clean
her blood. They explain why a doctor didnt come instead of them. That is because
they have done it so many times that it has just became a regular basis. When
Mildred wakes up in the the morning she doesn't remember overdosing on sleeping
pills. She watches the parlour walls which are like interactive televisions.
Montag goes for a walk and runs into Clarisse who has a dandelion. She tells him
that if you hold the flower under your chin and your chin turns yellow, you are
in love. Sadly, it doesn't work. When reaching the firehouse there is a
mechanical hound in the back and Montag figures that it was programed against
him.Captain Beatty says that the hound doesn't have any emotions. The fire alarm
rings and everyone rushes down the pole. They arrive at a three story house
owned by an old woman. She refuses to leave her books, so she lights a match and
burns everything including herself. Montag had stolen one of the books from the
house and hid it under his pillow. After going to bed he wakes u and asks
Mildred if she remembers how they met. Neither of them remember. He asks if she
has seen Clarisse since she had gone missing but she things she's dead. Beatty
arrives and starts talking to Montag. Mildred finds the book hidden under the
pillow. Montag yells at her to leave before Beatty notices.Beatty goes on to
explain that books are burned so that everyone can be equal and some people may
take things written in them offensive. Montag asks what would happen if a
fireman took a book home. Beatty tells Montag that he could take it home for a
day and then he would have to burn it. Beatty leaves and Montag is angry.
Mildred takes the book to the kitchen incenerator but Montag stops him. They are
now in this together.
~By: Hayley Mullis

The Sieve and the Sand

Montag and Mildred spend the rest of their afternoon reading the books Montag managed to steel. What Montag really wants to do with these books is to find one that really related to Clarrise and he wanted Mildred to help befoe he had to give them up or she breacks, but Mildred refuses to talk about someone who is dead and complains that she prefers "real" people and the people on her TV walls. Montag also feels that books must somehow be able to help him, but he does not understand what he is reading and decides to get help from a retired English proffeser he meet about a year ago at a park, Faber. He then remembers the professor had tried to hide a poetry book he was reading and run away, but after Montag reassures him that he was safe, they talked. Eventually Faber gave him his address and phone number just incase something might come up. Montag calls the professor and asks him how many copies of the Bible, Shakespeare, or Plato are left. Faber thinks Montag is trying to trap him, so he says none are left and hangs up the phone. Montag then goes back to his pile of books and realizes that he took from the old woman what may be the last copy of the Bible in existence. He considers turning in a substitute to Beatty, but he realizes that if Beatty knows which book he took, the chief will guess that he has alot more books. He decides to have find a way to duplicate the book before that night is over. Mildred tells him that some of her friends are coming over to watch TV with her. Montag  asks her if the "family" on TV loves her. She ignorres his question. Later on, Montag decides to go to Faber house himself because he believe Faber can help. Montag then takes the subway to Faber’s house, and on the way tries to memorize verses from the Bible. A jingle for Denham’s Dentifrice toothpaste distracts him, he gets realy annoyed and strts screaming athe radio, waving his book around. The other passengers sees the book and start to call a guard, but Montag gets away by getting off at the next stop.. (At Fabers house) Faber insists that it’s not the books themselves that Montag is looking for, but the meaning they contain. Faber says that people need quality information, the leisure to digest it, and the freedom to act on what they learn. Faber agrees with Mildred that television seems more "real" than books, but he dislikes it. Faber says, Books at least allow the reader time to think and reason about the information they contain. Aftr carful thinking, Montag suggests planting books in firemens homes to make them seem like they also/they do disobey the law.Faber dont think this will solve the problem they are trying to face but that its worth a shot.Faber say that thay just need to be patient for the war to begin and then soon enough end. Montag concludes that they could use that as a chance to copy/duplicate as many books as possible. Faber is to scared to go along with this plan but Montag brings Faber out of his cowardice by tearing pages out of the Bilbe page by page, Faber finally agrees to help, revealing that he knows someone with a printing press who used to print his college newspaper. Montag asks for help with Beatty that night, and Faber wasnt sure if he should have done this b did. Faber gives him a two-way radio he has created that will fit in Montag’s ear, that way the professor can hear what Beatty has to say and also tell Montag what to say. Montag decides to risk giving Beatty a substitute book, and Faber agrees to see his printer friend. (Later that night at Montag's house) Two of Mildred’s friends, Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Bowles, arrive and at the same time disappear into the TV parlor. Montag turns off the TV walls in anger and tries to engage the three women in conversation. He became angry when they describe to talk about how they voted in the last presidential election. He brings out a book of poetry and shows it to them, despite their objections and Faber’s (delivered to himby the ear radio). Mildred quickly makes up a lie, explaining that a fireman is allowed to bring home one book a year to show to his family and prove what nonsense books are. Faber orders Montag to take the escape route Mildred has provided by agreeing with her. Mrs. Bowles says hat poetry brings emotional messiness. After Montag had done reading a poem mrs. Bowles explained her point when Mrs. Phelps started crying. Montag drops the book into the incinerator at Faber’s demand. He yells at Mrs. Bowles to go home and think about her empty life, and both women leave. Mildred then disappears into the bedroom when the women leave. Montag discovers that Mildred has been burning the books one by one, and he then rehides them in the backyard. Montag feels guilty for upsetting Mildred’s friends and wonders if they are right in focusing only on pleasure. Montag heads off to work, and Faber both scolds and consoles him on the way. Montag hands the "bible" over to Beatty, who throws it into the trashcan without even looking at the title to see if its the rigt book and welcomes him back.Montag then joins a game of poker with the guys when Beatty resits to Montag literary quotations to confuse him and convince him that books are better burned than read. Montag is afraid of making a mistake if he takes with Beatty that he cannot move. Faber tells him not to be afraid of making a mistake which calms him down a little. An alarm comes through, and Beatty glances at the address,takes a while to really ignolige it by finishing there poker game and then takes the wheel of the fire engine to the location. When they arrive at their destination  Montag sees that it is his own house.

~ By: Taylor Friday

Burning Bright

Mildred has fully betrayed Montag and Montag figure that she will forget about him, while listening to her seashell radio set but Montag is not really angry at her but does feel some pity and regret for her. Montag soon comes emotionally detached from the world and starts realizing he likes burning thing such as his own home and homes of others he begins to think that fire is the answer to all his problems. Later he watches news about everything he has done on TV he becomes fascinated by all the drama which is his life and he likes all the attention. Montag tries to escape the city but soon realizes the town has released the hound to hunt him down and Montag watches the hounds from people’s windows in their TV rooms. When the hound get to Fabers house the hound becomes confused on where to go but shortly after the hound is running after Montag towards the river. Montag runs into the river to hide his scent from the hound when he gets out of the water he finds railroad tracks and begins following them. Shortly after following the railroad tracks Montag sees a group of men around a fire one of the men invites Montag to join them and introduces himself as granger. Later the hobos show Montag their tv set and tell him they have seen him on the news. Montag thinks that for hobos the men look very neat and clean and they have some minor technology. The hobos give Montag a bottle of colorless liquid that if he drinks it, it will change his perspiration that way the hound won’t be able to find him. Then later on the news they watch as the news says they found Montag walking down the street and they have the hounds rip him to shreds they say this was their scapegoat. After watching the fake Montag die granger then introduces the other four men and explains they are all part of this group that each one of them remembers a certain piece of literature word for word. Granger tells him they are just a few of thousands of people like them all over the country.  Granger tells Montag that they are waiting until humanity is finally ready for books again then they will be useful. Later that day the group sees jets fly over them and watch them as the jets drop bombs on the city montage just sits there and watches the city fall to pieces. After a little while granger says let’s get going and see if we can help the survivors start and new city from ashes.

~ By: Garrett Lester